About Us

Our Mission

"Excellence You Can Trust"

   To “Excel” in:

  • (1) Our faith and practice, as defining who we are and how we do business. We strive to be other-centered, commit to “overpromise and underdeliver” as little as possible, and desire to bring God glory in everything we do. 
  • (2) Innovation: Striving for creative solutions to problems without compromising quality
  •  (3) Teamwork: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.  Whether a GC, sub, or employee, we want to be the best team players  possible, striving for loyalty, communication, humility, and development  of others. There is such a thing as talking too much, but not  communicating too much.
  •  (4) Stewardship: This is God’s business. We are only  stewards and managers of all God entrusts to us, whether fiscally,  materially, or spiritually. 
  • (5) Workmanship quality: Quality is in the details…always! 
  • (6) Business modeling: Becoming a trustworthy, efficient, and effective business model to return to again and again 

Our Specialty

 Crossroads Construction is a family owned  business with over 16 years of construction experience in multiple  fields. We have an eye for detail, commitment to quality at every turn,  and dedication to customer satisfaction. We believe that what you don’t  see is as important as the final product you do see. Specializing in trim and moulding installation primarily in the residential market, we can also handle large, commercial projects. We also have extensive experience in various types of flooring, including tile & hardwoods, and our experience doing remodeling has garnered us the ability to be a "one stop shop" for all your interior home improvement needs including mechanicals. While we're not perfect, our team is passionate and committed to excellence in workmanship and long-term sustainable solutions for any trade on the "livable" side of the studs. Unlike many companies that simply act as a coordinator between customers and trades, a huge benefit of choosing Crossroads Construction is that we excel in doing everything "in-house" for the entire carpentry process. Let us help make your dreams come true!

Our Team

Aside from a pencil in each ear making him look doubly handsome, Cliff really is a good guy to work with. An honest and hardworking entrepreneur, Cliff has been passionate and committed to building a long-term, trustworthy business model in an age of information, accumulating DIY'ers, and production building. Entering construction with perfectionistic tendencies, he would much rather offer a value-based service than cost-based. Cliff loves to learn new things and stay on the "cutting edge" of trends and technology.

Emmanuel Esh

While primarily being a chicken farmer raising a large family, Emmanuel also brings a variety of trade expertise. He enjoys working with his hands, and has several years experience in the basic construction trades. He is equally passionate about details that matter, and enjoys growing and broadening his skillset.

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