About Us

 Crossroads Construction is a family owned  business with over 12 years of construction experience in multiple  fields. We have an eye for detail, commitment to quality at every turn,  and dedication to customer satisfaction. We enjoy working with people and helping to add value to their lives.

Our Mission:   To “Excel” in:

 (1) Providing a full spectrum of in house, interior renovation and carpentry services  that exceed customer expectation for quality, value, and service. We accomplish this by treating our customers, employees, suppliers, and community with respect and concern as well as staying on the forefront of knowledge and expertise in the residential construction industry.

(2) Our faith and practice, as defining who we are and how we do business. We strive to be other-centered, commit to “overpromise and underdeliver” as little as possible, and desire to bring God glory in everything we do.

(3) Innovation: Striving for creative solutions to problems without compromising quality

(4) Teamwork: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.  Whether a GC, sub, or employee, we want to be the best team players  possible, striving for loyalty, communication, humility, and development  of others.There is such a thing as talking too much, but not  communicating too much.

(5) Stewardship: This is God’s business. We are only  stewards and managers of all God entrusts to us, whether fiscally,  materially, or spiritually.

(6) Workmanship quality: Quality is in the details…always!

(7) Business modeling: Becoming a trustworthy, efficient, and effective business model to return to again and again.

Misc quotes:

The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is gone.”

Perfection is being right; Excellence is being willing to be wrong.

Perfection is fear; Excellence is taking a risk

Perfection is anger and frustration; Excellence is powerful

Perfection is control; Excellence is spontaneous

Perfection is judgement; Excellence is accepting

Perfection is taking; Excellence is giving

Perfection is doubt; Excellence is confidence

Perfection is pressure; Excellence is natural

Perfection is the destination; Excellence is the journey

Take time to work, it is the price of  success. Take time to think, it is a source of power. Take time to play,  it is the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to read, it is the  foundation of wisdom.

Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happiness.