About Us

Crossroads Construction

Building luxury custom spaces by matching innovative design with the latest in construction science technology.

Based in North Central Pennsylvania, Crossroads Construction is a Christian, family-owned business with over 20 years of residential and light–commercial construction experience. We seek to provide Godly leadership by helping homeowners plan, design and build custom homes, increase living space through home additions, and beautify their homes through renovations and remodeling.

At Crossroads, we build value into your life by:

  1. Modeling effective leadership, project management, customer care and communication skills.
  2. Delivering a streamlined architectural design and build process that exceeds client expectations so you can relax without hassles, headaches, and callbacks.
  3. Choosing vendors and subcontractors that share our company commitment to quality and customer service.
  4. Staying on the cutting-edge of technology, information, and industry innovations through continuing education.
  5. Focusing on comprehensive design intent on the front end so that everyone involved can have a relaxing experience throughout the build process.
  6. Serving the discerning client truly looking for convenient, luxury services.
  7. Offering the option of fixed price contracts with no hidden fees.
  8. Guaranteed communication and workmanship.

Our Story

Pre-2009   Founder (hereafter known as Cliff Kauffman) developed initial carpentry experience building storage sheds and framing houses for other companies.

2009         Cliff started Crossroads Construction with a desire to broaden his skillset in multiple trades beyond framing. Finish carpentry and high end renovations quickly became the focus.

2011         In the spring and summer of 2011, Cliff married and moved to eastern shore, MD where he worked for a solar energy company for 2 years and another remodeling contractor after that. Work with solar has provided hands on electrical knowledge and experience.

2014         Crossroads Construction moved back with his family to PA and resumed working as a sole proprietor doing finish carpentry, custom renovations, and business development.

2016         In March of 2016, Crossroads Construction became a limited partnership with the LLC protection, and started working with 1 full-time partner.

2019        Crossroads Construction went on brief pause to work with another local custom builder to gain even more experience.

2021        We’re back operating full time with an eye for company growth and scaling.