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Choosing the best contractor

Choosing the right contractor made easy! (Part 2)

4. Past clients. Nothing in the world of marketing is as effective as a good referral or testimony. Does your contractor have a history of ...
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Choosing the best contractor

Choosing the right contractor made easy! (Part 1)

How do you choose the right contractor for your project needs? According to the Consumer Federation of America and the NACAA, contracting is the top ...
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Give us a phone call

Scope Gap?

Some may be familiar with this term. Many may not. What exactly is scope gap? No, it is not the gap between your 270 rifle ...
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Do I need a Turn-key build experience? (part 2)

In the first part, we talked about being value-driven, all-inclusive, and comprehensive on the front end to ensure an efficient and effective build process. We ...
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Follow the water

Its very common to hear the term “follow the money” when it comes to who funds and controls what, and if you want to shut ...
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Zip system vs Tyvek

Is your Contractor still using Tyvek?

What about those Christmas colors on a house anyway? Is it just to look cool or trendy on a house during the framing stage? The ...
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Do I need a Turnkey build experience?

We live in an incredible age of individualism and info at our fingertips. And because of this, we have more DIY’ers and entrepreneur startups than ...
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Why you need orange in your shower!

Did you know? Tile is not waterproof, or more correctly stated, the grout between traditional tile is not waterproof. And the tile we’re referring to ...
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Design Intent

Are you intentional about life? As a father of 4 boys, sometimes the pressures of life can feel overwhelming. As you probably already know when ...
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