Oakwood Reno, 2018, Danville, PA

Type: Approx 1200SF Basement Finish


Stan & Jessica have been favorite customers of CC and great to work with every time. They are super friendly, outgoing, and realistic and logical in their approaches to projects. So far, we’ve done 3 decent projects for them over the years. This particular one was about as comprehensive and turnkey as a basement finish can be. We sheet foam insulated the concrete walls, studded the perimeter, and installed carpet, tile, drop ceiling, stair finishes, and custom cabinetry under the stairs. A few highlights of this project was the custom drop ceiling to maximize headroom (Stan’s a tall man) and the natural travertine tile they opted to install in the basement bath. Also installed was a custom glass shower entry into the walk-in shower. This was also 1 of the 1st times we installed an upflush system to accommodate the basement bath. All total we converted this walkout basement space into living space, 1 bedroom, and 1 full bath.

Materials Used/Scope of Work

1” Sheet Foam vapor barrier

Typ Perimeter Framing

Upflush waste system for bathroom

Wafer LED lighting

Carpet in living & bedroom areas

Natural tile in bathroom and shower

Custom drop ceiling to maximize headroom

Custom stair finishes & built-in cabinets


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