Rae Basement, Early 2022, Middleburg, PA

Project Scope: Approx 1500SF Finished Basement Conversion


This was probably the 2nd highest end basement we have ever done. Daniels had recently purchased the place and desperately needed more bedroom space for their littles. Someone had started framing in the perimeter walls and some plumbing which gave us a head start, but there was still some additional framing & infrastructure to put in place before the finishes went in. We made a total of 3 more bedrooms and 1 nice bath as well as a MEP and 2 storage rooms. The highlights of this project were the high, black ceilings and wood plank looking ceramic tile. We also did some renovations on the 1st floor.

Project Link Rae Basement

Materials Used/Scope of Work

Typ Perimeter Framing

2” Closed Cell Spray Foam on entire perimeter

Approx 11’ High ceilings

Black painted rough ceilings & ductwork vs drop ceiling

3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath

Wood Look LVP Ceramic Tile

Complete Tile Waterproofing & Uncoupling

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