Design Intent

Floor Plan 3D View

Are you intentional about life?

As a father of 4 boys, sometimes the pressures of life can feel overwhelming. As you probably already know when you fail to schedule something it most likely won’t happen. How many times have you mentioned getting together with so and so, taking that long awaited trip, or spending more time with your parents? It’s far too easy to go through months and even years thinking about these things but never actually putting them in your schedule. We all know far too well that if you don’t schedule it it probably won’t happen. The key is learning to be “intentional” about life. Create a master calendar and keep to it.

You may be wondering what this has to do with home design? Intentionality can spread into more areas of life than just personal. It’s just as important that you’re being intentional in your home design as your personal life.

Are you intentional about details in order to maximize build efficiency, or is just enough included to get through permitting? With our design services, you can be confident that we’ll include all the details necessary, not just for permitting, but for the actual build process too! Building quality residential homes takes 3 things done well: coordination, integration, & execution.

Suffice it to say, that, good design intent involves thinking and planning ahead so that all pieces come together with excellence and efficiency. We strongly believe in good design intent on the front end around which the rest of the construction process orbits. As an experienced tradesman, I’ve seen so many situations where someone didn’t adequately plan ahead. Certainly, no one wants to spend more than necessary for “pretty drawings” that may not always “hold out in the field”, but design intent involves a seamless integration of many parts throughout the production process as well as an adequate investment of time in the pre-construction phases.

You are in good hands for your next design/build project need!

So be intentional. It’ll have a drastic impact both on your personal life as well as your future home design. You won’t regret it!