Do I need a Turn-key build experience? (part 2)

In the first part, we talked about being value-driven, all-inclusive, and comprehensive on the front end to ensure an efficient and effective build process. We also talked about keeping things in balance. The more I look at life, the more its absolutely critical to maintain a healthy balance and allow the Holy Spirit to direct our lives in each moment. Part of this tension in balance in construction was brought home by an all familiar statement by a recent client that, “I want to do this right the 1st time, but I also want to do the right thing in my exercise of stewardship”. So well said!

At Crossroads Construction, while striving to be Turn-key in our services, we are also here to serve our clients and communities. What that means is putting you first in your dreams, goals, AND budget. If granite countertops or a paved driveway is not affordable, we won’t push for it, etc.

Confidence and humility. Both are essential parts of leadership and how we engage those around us.