Do I need a Turnkey build experience?

We live in an incredible age of individualism and info at our fingertips. And because of this, we have more DIY’ers and entrepreneur startups than ever before. But what exactly does “turnkey” mean? My understanding is that it comes from the real estate investment world where one could buy a house and simply “turn the key” to get in and start living. One of the pros of Turnkey investing is that you don’t have the headaches of improvements or renovations to a property and thus can perhaps realize a quicker return. The flipside is that the initial chunk investment happens upfront and is larger because all improvements and valuations are already in place. The construction pro, therefore, can have huge advantages in controlling the cost of improvement and thereby maximizing his ROI with resale or rental income.

Well, what about a Turnkey custom build? The reality is, that, there is much collaboration and many parties involved with any construction project. Unfortunately, many companies will “low ball” to secure the contract, but then not have plans or systems management in place to coordinate and communicate well. The “truly custom” home builders are often too permissive and not as structured in order to completely please the client. This can result in higher than necessary costs and clock burning throughout the selection and design process. On the other hand, the production builders are the exact opposite in offering fewer product choices and strict adherence to methods and practices to meet their “bottom line”. As with almost everything in life, we must strike a balance. Someone has wisely said, “a life out of balance is a life of reproach”. No one wants to be in reproach, and certainly God-honoring businesses need to be some of the 1st places to operate above reproach. The daily challenge grind is finding ourselves in tension between people and ideas.

At Crossroads Construction, we strive to live in balance. We are a company driven to find, offer, & instill value in all aspects of business. One of the ways this fleshes out is in our comprehensive pre-construction services. This usually means a bit more time spent on design and selections ahead of time instead of throughout the project. With so many product choices and decisions to be made, sometimes making decisions during production can “cause confusion & delay” (think Sir Topham Hat in Thomas stories). The cost of confusion and delay can be enormous for both GC and client. We believe and maintain that adequate pre-planning will lead to a more efficient build process. Another way our value fleshes out is in our use of the BuilderTrend project management platform. Use of this platform helps to streamline all communication & collaboration and keeps the client well informed throughout the project. Feel free to check out this link for an overview of what BuilderTrend can do.

What is Turnkey? Comprehensive. All-inclusive. Peace of mind and a relaxing, stress-free build experience for all our clients.