The Difference Between Hard and Soft Needs

There are a few terms that circulate in the marketing community when it comes to serving others. One of them is “hard versus soft needs”. It’s been said that everyone has both a hard and soft need when it comes to making purchases. The hard need is the actual product, service, or thing that you desire. The soft need is, often, the emotional or psychological component driving the choice. For example, one may want or need a new pair of glasses (hard need), but deep down they also want to make sure they keep looking good, young, or up-to-date (soft need) throughout life’s journey.

In construction, the same holds true. You may need an updated or additional space to function with a growing family or career (hard need), but is that also not somewhat driven by a desire for status, value, or accolades (soft need)?

When it comes to providing our products and services to others, it’s vitally important to grasp the concept of meeting both hard and soft needs. Too often we get caught up in how we can best meet someone’s hard need and totally miss the opportunity or overlook meeting a soft need. This can happen when we become too focused on ourselves and what we offer vs actually hearing and understanding what our clients really desire. No place is this perhaps more true than in the construction journey with builder and client. The builder may think he knows what’s best and forges ahead with the original plans and project scope, but peoples’ minds can change pretty often. It takes purposeful communication from all parties to avoid the pitfalls of assumptions and truly be able to hear each other and meet each others’ needs. This can often take us out of our comfort zones as we strive to understand and be innovative, but it’s usually worth every effort to hear and understand the heart.

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