Interior Floor Transitions

Installation of threshold indoors.

Did you know? CBC (California Building Code) 1008.1.6 states that thresholds for “other” (than exterior) doors cannot exceed .5”. Now, clearly, we don’t live or do business in California, but it does make sense that you want minimum trip hazards as you walk through life. Seamless floor transitions also provide a much more professional and clean look from one flooring type to another. For many production builders, its ‘lay the floor down’, and then “oops, we forgot about the transition strip. Guess we’ll have to run to the nearest box store and grab something”. At Crossroads Construction, we try to be proactive by planning and thinking ahead to how all flooring types come together on any given project. Sometimes its an easy deal. Other times, it requires putting an extra layer of material down in one room so the finish products in adjacent rooms line up. This not only looks clean, but minimizes trip hazards for all occupants. Floor transition placement is also critical to any design. With perhaps the exception of a barn door, all interior floor transitions need to happen directly under the door slab when it’s closed.