How To Elevate Your Property Value With a Custom Guest Home

Rising living costs also suggest escalating property values. Throughout the United States, homeowners consider incorporating an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) into their homes.

There are different ways to use guest homes: some people use them to host extended family, while others use them to rent out. Whether you are planning to have a custom-built guest house or you just want to convert your existing space into an in-law suite, it is crucial to understand the construction process.

In this article, we give you insights on building a guest home that guarantees optimal returns on your investment with the help of custom residential architects.

Design a Custom Guest Home

Check your local zoning laws and regulations

Before construction, familiarize yourself with the local building regulations and laws regarding guest suites. 

Contact your city or county officials to determine size limits, maximum occupancy, and relevant zoning laws. Additionally, inquire about required permits for your guest home construction.

Choose the type of guest home you want

You can either construct a separate guest home or repurpose an existing space, like your garage, into an extra suite. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Repurposing an attached area offers cost savings despite reduced privacy compared to a separate building. On the other hand, opting for a separate guest home allows for customization and material selection to match the existing residence’s appearance.

Identify the purpose of the guest house

For short-term rental use, prioritize reliable appliances and enhance energy efficiency with LED lighting and double-paned windows to reduce utility costs for guests.

If the guest home is for family and friends, prioritize accessibility for senior guests by avoiding stairs, and instead, consider adding an exterior ramp and bathroom handrails.

Consider design and layout 

After conducting thorough research and acquiring the required permits, the next step is to strategize the design and layout of your guest suite. Reflect on the intended purpose of the guest suite, the capacity it must accommodate, and the essential amenities it should offer. 

Collaborating with custom residential architects is advisable for creating a design that aligns with your requirements and harmonizes with your backyard’s aesthetics.

Set a financial plan

In setting a budget for your guest home, anticipate unforeseen expenses. Aside from the specific type of structure you’re creating, consider your geographical location. If you live in an expensive neighborhood, the expense of your guest home might also increase.

Additionally, labor costs, which can comprise up to 60%, should be factored into your budget.

Initiate the construction process

The construction phase can begin after preparing the site and finalizing the design. 

Building a guest home requires professionals, including carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. Collaborating with an experienced and reputable contractor proficient in construction is important for ensuring the project’s success.

Finalize with flourishes

After building the guest home, add final touches such as landscaping, furnishing, and installing amenities. Decorative elements like curtains, furnishings, and artwork can also be added to create a welcoming ambiance.

Rely on Custom Residential Architects To Build an Inviting Guest Home 

Constructing a custom guest home is rising as families tackle rising living costs. Follow this guide to build a guest home you’ll be proud of while avoiding delays.

Our team is here to assist if you’re considering building a guest home on your property. Our custom home builders are skilled at creating guest homes that perfectly fulfill their purpose. However, we’re more than just contractors–our custom residential architects will design your guest house plans, optimizing both functionality and aesthetics. While a beautiful space is enjoyable, a practical one is genuinely gratifying.

Book a consultation today to discuss your vision for your dream guest home, no matter its size.