Read Before You Build: How to Get the Best Value From Your Builder

Do you long to know who to trust? Have you heard of or even been the recipient of a sticker shock, surprise cost, or shady deal? Are you anxious about how the build process works for a new home? Are you worried about creating the right design? Are you fearful your budget may not be sufficient?

Yes, it certainly is a journey, but not one to be greatly feared! We are standing by to help make your new build journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. We do that through respectful education and ongoing communication. Don’t build before you read this.

Guaranteed Services

Does your builder provide guarantees?

At Crossroads Construction, we start by guaranteeing 3 things: (1) Delivery or communication, (2) Budget Transparency, and (3) Quality Craftsmanship

We’ll break these down a bit more.

Our promise of “Delivery Or Communication” means that either we deliver or we communicate. Sometimes in the industry, despite our good intentions, you get neither delivery nor communication. Life does happen and situations out of our control can cause delay or confusion, but our company committment is purposeful communication through every step of the journey, especially in those times where we may be unable to execute as hoped or promised.

Budget Transparency means that you should not be surprised at costs or overages throughout your project. How is this possible? By utilizing a state of the art project management platform called BuilderTrend. This platform is simply a hub around which all communication, scheduling, tasks, selections, photos, and yes, budget, flows. Our clients receive their own login and then are able to access and follow along with their project any time of day or night anywhere they have a web connection. Among many other things, within this hub can be housed a fluid, or transparent budget so that you’re not surprised by a bill you were not expecting.

Lastly, Quality Craftsmanship is simply ingrained in our builder DNA. We even do things like make sure all electrical outlet covers’ screws are in the vertical position and tape off most sealant joints so that everything looks crisp & clean.

Members of Recognized Associations

Is your builder knowledgeable AND teachable? Crossroads Construction is proud to partner with the Association Of Professional Builders. APB is dedicated to improving the industry both for builders and consumers.

Crossroads Construction is also a proud member of JLC, where we continually educate ourselves on best methods, tips, & practices.

Choose Wisely

Are you spending enough time on the front end Choosing the Right Contractor? Check out our other article on this subject, and then get in touch with us today when you’re ready to talk further. 570.412.1565 You can also download our easy 6 step process to building your dream home.

We’d like nothing better than to be your next, trusted, preferred builder!