Is your Contractor still using Tyvek?

What about those Christmas colors on a house anyway? Is it just to look cool or trendy on a house during the framing stage? The fact is, it could be any color really, and the fact is, Huber Engineered Woods has revolutionized the building envelope by creating a simple, yet comprehensive “zip system” weather resistant cladding that exceeds most building code requirements.

Here are a few reasons your custom home builder should use zip sheathing in place of commodity OSB and traditional housewrap.

  • 3rd party testing by Architectural Testing, Inc revealed a greater than 90% drainage capability vs less than 10% by the leading housewraps
  • Zip System panels provide greater shear and envelope strength
  • All panels incorporate a WRB (weather resistive barrier) permanently fused onto the surface during manufacturing. This WRB also has a perm rating of 12-16 which is actually higher than the engineered panel behind it. This means there’s no moisture getting “trapped” anywhere and it also promotes a greater “drying to the outside” than that of housewrap with a lower perm rating.
  • Penetrations? While the manufacturer recommends sealing any fastener that penetrates more than halfway, this does not void any warranty. The unique blend of resins and glue used in the panel far exceeds that of commodity OSB and provides a continual resistance to moisture throughout the panel.
  • Installation of panels and tape can be up to 40% more efficient than previous methods
  • With its “system” of engineered panels and tape sealing of seams, Huber provides a 30 yr system limited warranty. This is 3 times that of Tyvek or other housewraps.