Hiring a Registered Architect and a General Contractor for Your Project

Are you looking to build a dream home or space? Not sure where to start?

Most people intuitively know that there is much planning needed on the front end of any major build project. For most residential spaces or custom home builds, there is usually not the need to engage an architectural firm. Rather, it is easier and best to “keep everything under one roof” by having your general contractor create the planset (if he’s able), oversee the entire pre-construction phase from start to finish, and then provide the oversight and coordination needed throughout the construction process. While a registered architect may have the capability to stamp drawings or provide engineering calcs, this is primarily useful for larger commercial projects. Also, degrees and accreditation do not always equal real world, industry experience.

While each has their place, there can often be collaboration confusion over specifications when one party designs and another party builds. At Crossroads Construction, we have made significant investments in our ability to produce accurate and efficient pre-construction services, like comprehensive plansets, that can serve everyone well throughout the building phases. This, combined with our actual industry experience, is indeed a “one stop shop” for all your residential building projects. Before you enlist the help of an architectural firm to create your planset, check with us to see if our services will suffice.