The Value of Foresight in Construction: Thinking Ahead and Working Backwards

Perhaps you have heard the idea that says “start with who or what you want to be” or “choose your destination as your starting point”. In other words, live your journey with the end in mind. Probably nowhere is this more true than for a Christian, but its also true for a custom builder or buyer.

While it can be very difficult to nail down every decision or accurately visualize the end result, with today’s technology in virtual advancements, it’s easier than ever to visualize your new living space before its ever built. The real challenge is having people understand this concept and be on board with making many decisions ahead of time. Yes, building is a journey and an enjoyable one, but the better we can plan and strategize the end result, the smoother the production process will be.

What if, for example, we specified a basic 4-5″ high baseboard trim throughout a project. Since toilet supplies usually come out in the wall right above the baseboard, this would now be a problem if we decided last minute we wanted an 8″ baseboard. Or suppose we had specified basic exterior light fixtures with 4″ canopies at first. Based on that info, the siding trades may install standard square siding boxes. However, the time comes to pick out finish light fixtures and we find upgrade models we want that have bigger canopies with which the standard siding box will not work or look right.

We really must learn to work backwards. When you build with Crossroads Construction, you can rest assured we will walk with you through every step of the design journey and ensure that every aspect of the build integrates accurately together. We go to great lengths to think ahead and provide infrastructure in our builds that will accomodate future needs and changes. Unless you’re doing a cookie cutter build, most custom home builds are pretty fluid with lots of decisions and options to be considered. Contact us today to see how we can partner with your dream home build.