Scope Gap?

Some may be familiar with this term. Many may not. What exactly is scope gap? No, it is not the gap between your 270 rifle barrel and the device used on top to magnify and zero in on your target.

“Scope gap” is something every general contractor needs to be on top of. It is the gaps created by scheduling. It is the gaps sometimes created by trades that don’t always think of others coming on behind them. It is the gaps that come by default throughout the course of any building project. Who will install the substrate in the basement on which the electricians need to hang their equipment? Who will make sure the hardwood is at 7% moisture content before installing? Who will make sure there is silt fabric or some kind of dirt protection over all footer drains? Who will make sure the structure is adequately dry before installing sheetrock? Who will make sure the fixtures & finish selections chosen will ultimately be compatible with the way mechanicals are roughed in? The list could go on and on. These are merely a few examples of scope gaps that don’t necessarily fall to the individual trades. Many, many details should occupy the mind of a good builder, and in reality, GC should really just stand for General Coordinator. There are also many things from a building science perspective that should not be ignored.

When you work with Crossroads Construction, you can rest assured you are working with “scope gap” professionals! We have multiple years experience in construction & business management and we are highly detail oriented. We use state of the art scheduling platforms like BuilderTrend and we oversee and take care of all the gaps throughout the building process. We also work with excellent trades who are experts in their field. Get in touch with us today!